Love Defined Takeaways


Howard Dayton, Founder & CEO, Compass Finances God’s Way gives his thoughts on Love Defined.

We love to hear how Love Defined is impacting lives!  Patrick Lang and his wife Nancy recently attended a retreat in Keystone, Colorado.  We are excited for you to hear what they have to say regarding their experience.

11227787_773657749410559_6671091025774376656_oHow did the Love Defined retreat impact you personally?

I will reply in three parts. First, I now know that I must live Love the way Jesus showed us through Paul in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. To live like Jesus is to Love like Jesus. I now have a standard of performance to compare my daily attitude towards other people and I know that I fall short. I have become more aware when I am rude vs. honoring; proud vs. humble; coveting vs. being content; or if I am impatient, self seeking, easily angered; or if I am doubting, self righteous, or keeping count of all the wrongs of others; or if I am pessimistic, or lack the perseverance to continue something that I know I should continue. So yes, the impact on my life has been significant and I look forward to continued growth and practice of these demands that are so important to the Lord. 

Secondly, I have been in quiet discussion with God unpacking Truth. Whereas Tim has been unpacking Love for ten years, I have been listening to what God has been speaking to me about Truth on and off for the last two years.


However, since June God has been really pursuing me and opening my heart and mind to what He means by Truth. During the retreat I began to get a glimpse of His Truth. I have since been experiencing and understanding that Love, as defined in this study, and the Truth that I have been unpacking very much compliment one another. To some, that may be self evident, but I am now chasing the discovery of how Truth and Love relate to John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth and the life. The retreat and the rich knowledge of what Love truly is really rocketed my pursuit of Truth and it’s relationship to Living the Life of Christ. I look forward to many conversations as God leads me in the many relationships he has blessed me with in my life.

Finally, the retreat’s setting, timing, and stress free environment was very conducive to learning. Tim’s facilitation and the group’s willingness to be both reflective and vulnerable were key to our time together. Tim’s passion to share these principles and unique way of presenting them was the catalyst to a transforming experience at the Love Defined retreat!



Kevin and Linda Urichko