Our History

Over 10 years ago, Tim Wright sat in a room in Namibia, Africa, listening to two missionaries share how they reach the young people in the surrounding villages. The two missionaries, Jos and Sylvia, understood that a biblical understanding of love, opposed to a cultural one, was foundational to radical change in their country. Tim couldn’t believe what he was hearing, knowing that his own context of the United States was in dire need of the very same message. In that moment, he decided helping others radically embrace God’s highest ideal of love would be his life mission. It became part of his vocabulary and his interactions with everyone—family, friends, employees, neighbors, and strangers.

Fast forward to 2013. Tim Wright began inviting people to his home in Colorado to engage God’s word amidst God’s creation, with the hope that lives and relationships would be radically transformed by the clear truth of God’s definition and gift of love. Upon seeing the success of these conversations around God’s love and seeing the possibility for more, Tim founded the ministry officially in 2014. The Colorado “experiences” continued, but it was in 2015 when the desire to reach more people translated into 9-week small groups centered on the same content and with the same goal. Today, Love Defined groups and studies take place in multiple churches and homes across the country.