How We Do It

Love Defined, as a study, is designed for groups of about 10-12. Together, we engage not only the pages of the Bible, but also the collective stories, experiences, and wisdom of the group, along with the views of our captivating culture. Because the two greatest commandments in all of Scripture are to love God and love people, we believe conversation around what that means exactly is absolutely imperative if we are going to live it out with any consistency and success against what culture throws at us. Our desire is to help facilitate that conversation between you and your community in ways that have been proven highly effective. Participants in Love Defined small group studies are coming away with these invaluable results in their lives:

  • substantially increased clarity and ability to discern between biblical and cultural views of love.
  • greater understanding of how to live out that biblical love in all of their relationships, and the effects of doing so.
  • the beginning of replacing a self-esteem with an esteem that cannot be shaken.

Beyond the small group model, two other goals are constantly before us. One, our hope and encouragement to everyone who gets connected is that they would utilize the tool we’ve created to have the same imperative conversations with their friends, family, or whomever God puts in their path about His kind of love and how living it out can bring lasting and fulfilling change to their relationships. And two, we are equipping leaders to be able to facilitate these transformative conversations with their own groups of 10 friends.