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Mary Ann Young

Meet Mary Ann Young

Mary Ann accelerates Leaders and their teams to higher performance, increased productivity and greater profitability. She started leading teams at eighteen, working for Disney and has been working alongside teams and Leaders ever since.

From her work with Fortune 100 Companies: Disney, Universal, McDonald’s, Florida Hospital, Orlando Health, Mears Transportation and dozens of other companies grew a Strategic Business and Leadership Practice known today as Rocket Fuel for Leaders.

Disney asked her to re-design teams and equip Leaders at Port Orleans, Boardwalk, Recreation, Water Parks, Disney Springs, and Disney Cruise Line on a five year assignment.

Mary Ann unleashes Leaders and their teams through high impact, strategic, tactical skill based coaching to drive performance, productivity and profitiablilty.

She invests in people to bring results and brings her focused energy and years of operation, people, and strategic expertise to you to get fast results.

Whether coaching, training, or serving in an operational capacity, she enables Leaders and their teams to identify and succeed in their goals. Mary Ann is determined to pour out everything she has learned, in every way possible, to accelerate every Leader and team she meets.

The Story Behind Love Defined for Leaders

After meeting Jesus behind a guitar in High Schook, at seventeen the journey led to Disney World’s Tomorrowland….where reading the Reach Out New Testament [today’s NLT] while on break, began to awaken the connection between the Scripture and what Disney was teaching about how to love on people just like Jesus would – by learning how to take care of Disney Guests…

  • Smile and Greet, Serve and Thank.
  • Give them your best.
  • Be Smiling, humble and helpful.
  • Looking out for them so they could enjoy themselves.

Just like Jesus calls us to love one another more than ourselves, Disney was always clear:

You are here to take care of our Guests [capital G].

What if we, as followers of Jesus and Leaders in the workplace, could bring more love, better results, and show people who our Jesus really is.

God made the call clear to Mary Ann at 33 after being on the Opening Team at Universal Studios Florida, that instead of the goal of being a VP of Operations somewhere…. Her mission would be to share everything she had learned about leadership from Disney and Jesus, with everyone God placed in her path.

Understand that just 8 years earlier at the age of 25, her role [think job] was to design, develop, train and oversee 2500 operations Cast Members [Disney Ride and Guest Service Operators] as EPCOT prepared to open.

At that time, EPCOT was the largest construction enterprise in the world at a billion dollars…quite humbling, very exhausting and quite an honor as a young Leader.

Over the next few years, Mary Ann [and Jesus] would design, develop and begin to share what today is Breakaway Leadership.

Here’s how Mary Ann met Tim Wright and first learned of Love Defined. [in her own words].

“God introduced me to Tim Wright at my church and Tim had already learned about Love Defined’s
“circles,” which began the Garden Wall.

Like many of you, that day is a fond memory, sitting in his McDonald’s with him drawing circles on a

Just a few years later, the Great Recession would lead me back to Tim, asking for advice on how to
keep my coaching practice afloat.

At the end of the “presentation” the closing question was presented: “OK, why would a business
owner not do this?” He answered by saying, “I don’t know” and God launched this journey.”

What an honor to walk with people and customers, with young Leaders, with seasoned Leaders, some of whom may never set foot in a church…

We give the very practical, tactical, and physical tools to grow them stronger people, as Leaders, as Followers of Christ.

  • Exploring why they Lead.
  • What it means to Lead.
  • How to read and Respond to People in Real Time.
  • How to run a Meeting that people Look Forward To.
  • How to coach, counsel, and correct in ways that are Patient and Kind.
  • How to measure to get different results.
  • How to solve conflict constructively as Gentle Peace Makers.

Please click here to view a copy of Mary Ann Young’s Resume